Photography Workshops and Courses

Custom Workshops/Courses are available and can be designed to meet you needs.  Optical Illusions Photographics can Design and Run programs from a four (4) hour Basic Photography Course to a one (1) or two (2) Day Weekend Workshop/Course, even a program that will run over several Weeks/Weekends.

Our Prices are very competitive and our programs are structured to need all your needs, a PAYG option can be included in the completed package.  There are always new Courses and Workshops being planned, we are currently working on a six (6) Month Course that will run for two (2) to three (3) hours once a fortnight.  This course will cover Digital SLR Operations, Portable Flash Photography, Portrait Photography, Landscape & Wildlife Photography, Night Photography and Creative Photography.

Photography Course - Indepth Course over a 3 Month Period

This Course is split into 2 Sections, both sections are 12 Weeks in duration, (6 Lessons and 6 Assignments) 1 Lesson per Fortnight with 2 weeks to complete assignments for the next lesson.  The first section will cover but is not limited to Camera Setup, Operations, Depth of Field, Exposure, White Balance and Lighting Theory.  The Second Section will cover the Practical Components of the first Section.

Photography Business Operations and Set-up

The Workshop will cover subjects such as Equipment, Advertising, Business Registration, Communication, Bookkeeping, Pricing, Quoting, Printing and Contract Labour.  It will also focus on the needs of your customer, Networking, the Photographers Portfolio and Workflow.

Digital SLR Operations

The Workshop will cover most of the features of the modern SLR Camera. You will learn from the basics to the advanced features of the Digital SLR, including but not limited to the ISO, Aperture, Shutter Speed, White Balance, Colour Temperature and Exposure Control.

Studio Lighting

The Lighting Workshop will cover Studio Flash Units. You will learn Lighting Ratios, Hi and Low Key Lighting, 2, 3 and 4 Light Systems as well as how to correctly set your camera to produce the desired result.

Portable Location Lighting

This Workshop covers Light Control when in and outdoor or un-powered site location, it will show you how to control shadows and light using Portable Lighting Systems and Remote Triggers.

Portable Flash Photography

This Workshop covers Light Control when at an outdoor location, it will show you how to control shadows and light using Portable Flash Units that can be used on or off camera, we will also cover Portable Lighting Set-ups, Remote Triggers and Reflectors.

  • The Workshop will be mainly based on Practical Photography Sessions.

Dance and Movement Photography

This Workshop is both Studio and Location Based, it covers both Frozen and Blurred Movements of the Dancers. You will learn how to control you equipment to produce the desired result.

Portrait Photography

This Workshop covers Lighting, Reflectors, Shadows, Posing and Posture to produce an elegant or powerful Portrait Shot. You will also learn Hi and Low Key Lighting, Background Control and Camera Settings.

Fashion Photography

This Workshop covers in Studio and on Location Photography, it also shows you how to produce stunning Fashion and accessory shots. The Workshop uses Studio Light, Portable Flash, Reflectors, Gels and Available Light to produce the desired Shot.

Body Art Photography

This Workshop covers the Female form and uses Lighting, Shadows and Reflections to produce the desired results. The Workshop is only available to persons over the age of 18

Wedding Photography