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Photography is not as simple as purchasing a camera, putting it on Auto Mode and pressing the Shutter Button.  There are many variables in Photography, especially when it involves a Wedding.  
Most Photographic Sessions only extend over a period of 2 or 3 hours, conditions can still change but a Wedding may extend over 8 or 10 hours so the chances of the Weather or Lighting to change becomes greater.
Many Photographers will tell you 'it will be fine', in actual face there are many factors that will effect the outcome of you Photos and your Wedding Album.  
01: Location
02: Background
03: Time of Day
04: Is it Sunny or Coudy
05: The Bride and Grooms Complection
06: The Colour of the Brides Dress
07: The Colour of the Brides Maids Dresses
08: The Colour of the Groom and Bestman/Groomsmen Suits/Cloths
09: Location/s where the photo's of the Wedding Party will be taken
Post a Question on these or any other concerns you have regarding the Photography of your special day and I will try to answer your question/s.
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  • Use the ISO, Aperture, Shutter Speed and Filters to allow less light in. 
  • Use this to photograph Light Trails and Movement Shots.
  • Use very slow Shutter Speed or the bulb setting to produce a triple image, in this image ensure different amounts of transparency.
  • Use a tripod, Slow Shutter Speed, ISO and Aperture to shot Coloured light trails, eg Tail Lights.
  • Take a running water shot using the above to produce a fogged or blurred effect.
  • Hand hold your Camera and with the above information take an abstract photo.


Post any questions about the Photography Course or Assignments...

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