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Optical Illusions Photography is a Family Business catering for the Photographic needs of the Mackay area for over 10 years. During this period we have been involved in Wedding, Portrait, Commercial, Architectural, Glamour and Sports Photography.

As a local Business we have been involved in Advertising, Product and Fashion Photoshoots as well as Photographing local Events and Fashion Shows. We offer Local and World Wide Internet Exposure to Local Fashion Businesses and Models via our Online Galleries and Model Portfolio’s.

I have listed below some of the Photographic Services we offer.
Wedding Photography, Portrait Photography, Fashion Photography, Commercial Photography, Product Photography, Glamour Photography and Model Portfolio's

In 2009 we commenced Photographic Workshops and offered Tuition for anyone interested in improving their Photographic skills. Many of the Workshops we run have a practical segment, you don't just learn the photographic theory, you use that knowledge to set-up the shot, change the camera settings, adjust lighting and produce an image using your knowledge and creativity.

Courses and Workshops we currently offer include:
Photography Business - Operation & Set-up, Digital SLR Operations, Studio Lighting, Portable Location Lighting, Portable Flash Photography, Dance and Movement Photography, Portrait Photography, Fashion Photography and Glamour Photography

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